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Setting Up Show Scheduler

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So last night as a test, I setup the show scheduler to start this moring at 9 am, so when I awoke, the show should be running. Nothing. I then setup for another show to run at 9:30 am as I sat hear to watch and nothing.

Do I need to leave the sequence editor and show editor open on my computer in order for the show to start as should? I assumed it was running in the background.

Maybe if somebody could just give me step by step on how to actually run the show when you want too. I have 4 sequences created and I intend on just running them back to back on a loop forfrom 6 pm to 10 pm.


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NO, DO NOT LEAVE ANY LOR PROGRAM OPEN!!! Only ONE can run at a time. If you are running the schedual it is called LORmoniter.exe (I Think) That and the controll panel. Also make shour that shows are enabled and the am/pm is right.

--Daniel L

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Make sure to activate your LOR tray (you should see the little LOR icon at the bottom right). Click on that icon at the lower right and it should show a box saying show enabled or disabled. If it's showing disabled, right-click on that same icon and click on enable show. This is all you need to do to activate/enable your show if you have built a schedule already.

On the scheduler editor, check to make sure of your days and times. One thing to check is to make sure your sequences play correctly with audio and make sure all sequences stop at the end of the song and reset to the begining. If not, this will hang up during the show and stop the show from running any further.

If you leave your computer on at all times, then you shouldn't have to do a thing as long as the LOR tray is activated. I leave mine on 24-7 and it comes on as scheduled and goes off as scheduled.

Hope that helps,


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