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Hi everyone, I've read a bunch of forums, searched everything I can find, and I still have a question that needs an answer.
I've determined by reading that LOR utilizes the default audio output from whatever computer it is running your show from. I've also read that it utilizes the Windows MediaPlayer choice. I have an Asus system with the soundmax integrated soundcard, and since I can utilize two separate audio streams/outputs, I would like to utilize that option to play LOR through the headphone output rather than the default device (speakers). Is this an option? If so, how then to make LOR opt to do this?
Thanks in advance for everything, and Merry Christmas to all. :D

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To my knowledge you would not make the changes in the LOR software.

That would be a setting on your computer sound card or in Windows Media Player.

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Thanks John, I got Media Player to run on the headphone output which did not make LOR do the same. I did have to set the default output to headphone to make LOR follow along. I'll continue to tweak, and will post if I come up with a solution. :)

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