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Next LOR sale???

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DISCLAIMER: I know a lot about LOR ... but I have ZERO insider information.

I would be surprised if there was a sale this year. If there is one, I wouldn't expect the discount to be as much as last year, either.

That's just my gut talking ... don't jump me, okay?

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I agree with you Don. If I was Dan I wouldn't have another sale. Between all the whining and griping about it being pushed off and then asking every day when it would be if I was Dan I would just say forget it. You just can't please most people.

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Well if you check out the LOR web page it appears as if there will be a sale...

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You guys just missed a recent post by Dan on the same topic.

LightORama wrote:

We have not come up with a date yet for the sale. We do have a number of things to do prior to the sale including moving again into a much much larger facility. We tripled our sq ft at the beginning of this year and will need to do the same next year. That will take some time at the beginning of the year.

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