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Second controller problems


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So we tried to do our show and Houston we have a problem! The set of lights in the first controller 1.X come on fine and in sequence. However, the set of lights in the second controller follow the first controller's channels' sequences. They don't come on at all for their own commands. I did (and redid) the Hardware utility (both comm port and controller selection). The first controller we got last year in late December, the second we just got a few days ago and they look different. They are both ShowTime Pro LOR1602W Lighting Controllers. They are connected via a Cat5 cable.

Obviously they are communicating, but it's treating both of them like they are controller #1. How do I fix it?


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Sounds as if the sequence is programmed for UnitID 01 twice.

Double check your sequence to make sure 16 channels are on UnitID 01 and 16 are on UnitID 02.

You should also run the LOR Verifier (via the LOR Control Panel) to see if it is detecting duplicate channels.

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