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1.6.1 upgrade woes and success

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I had a problem in two of my sequences where channels would remain on (not full on, maybe 50%) until they got another command. After researching here, discovered a known bug dealing with long fades, or partial fades, or in my case, variable fades.

Note: My "variable fade" - draw a 16 cell fade, timing at .05, cut only a portion of the fade and past it, then create the opposing fade, and cut and paste a symmetical part - creates a pulse or dip).

I liked this effect so much, that I used it heavily in a Jim Brickman piano solo of First Noel. That was the craziest thing I have ever seen. Channels all over the place (half of which weren't even used in that sequence) misbehaving at variable levels. This could be a "feature" for a halloween display, lol.

So, looked like 1.6.1 upgrade should clear up the bug, so I downloaded it, put it on a thumb drive (my show system is not networked when deployed to the garage), and began a briefly alarming journey, but in the end, successful.

System installed on is Win2K Desktop (Dell GX150 933Mhz w/ 256 meg ram). Don't know the patch level (hasn't been actively used for nearly 2 years).

Went ahead and blasted the new firmware to all 8 'blue' boards.

Installation script ran, found old full software installation, and near the end, errored out:

An error occurred registering c:program fileslight-o-ramaaudioconv.ocx


Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Toolkit: Setup1.exe - Unable to locate DLL

The DLL dx8vb.dll could not be found (in path)

One of the options I was given was 'ignore', so I did, and it claimed installation was complete. Opened up the schedule editor, then went to open an existing sequence, and nothing... wouldn't load any sequence or create a new one.

Panic, hosed my prod system. Thought about the error messages I'd made a note of, and I'm guessing audioconv = audio conversion, and I was dealing with musical sequences, so maybe it didn't have the right tools registered and was confused.

Didn't find anything in these forums with a quick search, so I took a leap of faith, and copied a known good dx8vb.dll and placed in in C:winnt (in the path). Ran the setup again, and voila, installed, sequences load, ran both sequences with the symptoms, and the buggy behavior (phantom channels) was gone.

Excellent work LOR programmers.

Just excellent. I'm happy. Show is scheduled to start tomorrow at 5:30, and I will be newbie no more.

Jeff in Raleigh

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Kind of surprised LOR didn't copy that .dll if it wasn't there of display an error saying you need to re-install direct X before installing the upgrade.

So after you copied the dll and ran the update it didn't display the 'couldn't register the ocx' error?

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