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Hi all,

I've just joined the site and had a look around in awe at some of the displays you guys have done...! WOW!

I just have a few questions before I start the journey from 'static display' to 'musical masterpiece'...!

1. Can you do a decent display on 16 channels and if so do you have any links to videos for these?

2. I have some LED strings with built in multi function controllers for my normal display, can I use these on an LOR system and if so do I need to ditch the controller and rewire straight past the in built controller or will it work as it is?

3. Being in the UK I'm on 240V and British 3-pin plugs, I've had some advice from jer75, but just wondered if there is anyone else on the site using LOR controllers and 240V lights that could give me some hints and tips?

4. As all the plugs on the LOR's are USA type, do I need to step up each of the 16 seperate channels from 240 to 110 at the rats-tails? (would I need to buy 16 of these or is it better to buy 110V lights from USA and just 2 industrial 240V to 110V tx's to power the controller unit?


5. There's lots more questions running around my head, especislly regarding sequencing and building arches/tree's/etc, but I'm going to try to walk before running (well at least a crawl to start with). Hope I'm not taking the mick by asking so many questions, but I think I'm already bitten by the bug and haven't even started yet.

Many thanks in advance for any answers.


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16 Channels can be quite interesting but you will probably want to limit your display elements to one color only. I personally think mini-trees give you great bang for the buck with chases and fades etc. 4 x 1 color mini-trees uses 4 of your available channels. I have no idea what other elements you have planned but my first year with 16 channels I had the following all white elements:
4 one color mini-trees
4 one color bushes
2 20' Trees in my yard
2 8' Topiary trees on my porch
1 Set of Icicles on the Roof line
2 windows perimeters
1 Wreath

Year 2 I converted each element to 4 colors and added:
2 sets of 4 color path lighting
a second row of 4 color Icicle lights
4 color strings around my door.
Total Channels 80

Year 3 I added:
4 four color mini-trees
Total 96 Channels

Next year I am hoping to add:
8 4 color Mini-Trees
2 4 color 7' Spiral Trees
4 4 color Leaping Arches
Total 152 Channels

This plan allows me to reuse my sequences each year with just a little tweaking. I also try to add at least one new sequence each year.

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hi john i have just brought my first lor set up and going to use it for next halloween i have brought a 64 channel set up. i got the feeling from reading post on this forum that once you start you will only want more so i went all out whether i use them first time of is a different story

the led with controller boxes ? im def going to cut all the boxes off and make them static so lor with control the dimming flashing etc etc

and the plug issue i have found a nice man that will supply me uk to us travel adapters for 75p each thats saves a shed load of time changing all the plugs on the outputs put i have changed the main input plugs to 240v

i have put 16 sets of lights on a controller using travel adapters and it all runs fine

im a complete newbie here too but if ya need any help pm me i can help as much as i know cheers

p.s were in the uk are you ??

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another must have is a amp tester from maplins each channel on a lor can draw 2 amps so i brought this gadget and i now know i will not overload my boxes and blow fuses

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Thanks for all the replies!!!

That's exactly what I'm doing, gonna start buying in the new year!

Thanks for the info! Good stuff to have a think about!

I'll defo get the gadgets to be safe and I'm just in Fareham so only a few miles from you!

Looking forward to the link....!


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