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I am getting ready to go live this weekend as my controllers (ordered almost 6 weeks ago) have finally shipped. Since I am new this year I'm wondering how do I setup the show to have some of the channels/lights be on say at 4:30 and then the musical sequences starts at 6pm thru 9pm? Basically I would like to have some lights on the house before and after the musical sequences, which last about 25 minutes (I plan to play it every 30 minutes for about 3 hours).

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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See this example schedule. It should give you some good ideas.

  • 10 minute animation show loops from 4pm til 6pm
  • 30 second introductory music show loops from 6pm til 7pm
  • Main show starts at 7pm and runs until 10pm. A shutdown sequence finishes the night.
  • 10 minute animation show loops again until 12 midnight
  • All lights off until 4pm next day

How is this done? By creating 3 different shows and scheduling them to run. Do not use the Simple Show Editor!

Step 1 - Create your shows
Show 1
Name: AnimationLoop
Contents: The sequences you wish to use for the animation loop
Show 2
Name: IntroShow
Contents: The sequence(s) you wish to use for your 30 seconds intro loop.
Show 3
Name: MainShow
Contents: The shows you want to run during the night. In the "Shutdown" tab, you will place your closing sequence. Remember, this runs only ONCE during the entire show.

Step 2 - Schedule your shows
Now you will want to schedule your shows.

4p - 6p Schedule the "AnimationLoop" show from above.
6p - 7p Schedule the "IntroShow" show from above.
7p - 10p - Schedule the "MainShow" show from above.
10p - Midnight - Schedule the "AnimationLoop" show from above.

Some things to keep in mind. The software will finish a musical sequence at the end of your show. To put another way, if at 10p you have Jingle Bells playing, then the software would finish that song, then go to the AnimationLoop.

However, if at 10p you had an animation sequence running then the software would cease playing that right at 10p, and then go into the AnimationLoop.

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