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Linus/Lucy Vince Guaraldi Trio


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32 Channels LOR
Mega Tree with 8 channels +trunk+two channel star
7 channel arch
Mini trees
some other doodaas
house/garage trim lights
and floods
~4000 lights in total

My "show" is up and running for about a week now. My four year old watched some Peanuts a few nights ago and i mentioned i should add the Vince G Trio to the show. ooppps.. :shock:

So, i have been sequencing it for three evenings (tonight included). I have the tree sequenced plus all the the other stuff except for an arch.

I am in need of an arch sequence section for this tune. That is ALL i need, just the arch section. I have been trying, but my timing is off on the arches and to my eyes look really bad. Although i am sure it is OK for others.

I would appreciate any help.


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I have a Linus And Lucy sequence..

I THINK I have arches in it (not using it this year so don't remember)...

you can download it from the link in my signature below...

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