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LED strings won't light up - strange

Lee Long

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Hi all,

I have just built my mega tree with 24 strings, 12 red and 12 green :). Only running it static at the moment :( (controllers aren't plumbed in yet) and here's my current problem. The green strings wont light up..... So to set the scene the strings are 110v 70ct full wave leds purchased from holiday light express and for the time being i have connected all 24 of them end to end (just so the mega tree is lit up for now) . I had checked a few strings on my transformer and they worked. I have not checked all of the green strings individually yet as i ran out of time last night. I cannot check anything else until the weekend as i work away . When i first powered up only 7 red strings were lit up and as i moved the power cord to a differend point on the string i managed to get all 12 reds working but no greens. They are plugged together red green red green etc. so it is every other string that doesnt work. Any ideas?? thoughts?? I can't belive that all 12 green strings are faulty :shock:!!

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