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Gen 2 controller and starter package from last year

Chris B

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Didn't really know how to title this one.... Last year i bought one of the gen 2 controllers - blue board with high power heatsinks that can run in a standalone mode and a software starter package that included an rs485 adapter. I bought this in december and unfortunately never got to do anything with it. I brought it back out tonight and built a leaping arch with my kids. When i went to run the software I forgot that i had computer problems during the year and had to reformat. I loaded the driver disk which worked fine and loaded the S2 2.7.6. I tried to run the lights but they wouldnt run. I ran the verifier and it says that it is only a demo version and that i need to enter a license key. I believe this key was emailed to me at the time of purchase and i never wrote the number down as i thought i would never need it again. The only reason i say this is because i kept all lor equipment together in the same box. Should i just purchase the new software? I read that the new software that is out would just be given out to existing customers within a year of purchase. Should i call LOR? Do they keep records of there customers? Thanks Chris

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Actually you should be able to go to the software page and retrieve your license key from there, using the e-mail address you used last year.

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