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Videos of my light show.

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I want to share some videos of my light display from this year. It is my first year with a LOR controlled display. I was getting nervous at the end of October because I still had not sequenced my first song. I spent most of my time in October getting my wiring and lights ready. The first song I chose to sequence was Wizards In Winter (of course) and it was probably not the best choice to use to learn using the sequencer. Oh well. Let me know what you guys think. I may have to re-tape some of them because I have changed them after viewing them in the videos.


Show stats:
50 Channels
4,500 lights
12 songs
total run time 32 minutes


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Looks good, hehe nice song choice :) (wizards)

and jingle dogs.. too cute :)

I like the windows when they chase around one red leading green following.

I think thats really good for the first year... my first year is next year...

overall good sequencing, not too flashy at the fast parts, i think alot of wizards of winter gets too flashy near the end fast part...

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