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A quest to find clear lights


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I was putting up the tree today and put the lights on a little heavy.. I got about to the top and ran out of Lights, (Already stole some to use in my show.) So I went to Walmart to get some more of those 100's $2.64 Holiday Time lights that I saw last week.. Nope, they had moved all the lights to the lawn and garden, and they were out of the Green, Red, White, and only had one plate of multi left. No biggy, I'll just hit up Menards right next door.. They were out of them too! (they were $2.99) They had a set of 300 that had a chip to do chases and stuff for $14. Frustrated we went across the street to Dollar General. They had 100s multi for $5 and were out of clear. Pulling out hair went across town to Ace. Found a set of 50's for $2.99, Decided with the amount of time I had already put in this I would look next door at Family Dollar. Family dollar barely had any lights at all, but they were all colored. FINALLY, I went to the other Dollar General on Main st. They had 100's Clear for 3.50. I settled, but this is ridiculous.. And to think that it's only Dec 3rd. I guess that means no After-Christmas sales... ;)

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