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LOR 1.6.1 Seq. Editor not loading .LMS files

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LOR Dan,

thank you for your helpful e-mail the other day. I loaded 1.6.1 (wave form addtion is A+ btw) and all is fine on my dev PC (running XP). Problem: I finished building a new mus. seq. on the dev PC and copied it with the others (built on 1.5) to my show PC (W98). The Show Editor sees the file and loaded it fine, but during live shows the Sched. Editor only pauses, then skips to the next mus seq. I tried to edit on the show PC Seq. Editor, but even though the new Seq Editor starts, it will not open ANY file. I rebooted, then un-installed, then re-installed. All looks good, but seq editor will not open anything and new show won't run. Yes, I Unloaded LOR at the LOR Control Panel, un-enabled and re-enabled shows etc. I am out of ideas....

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