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patrickj wrote:

Is there a way to move a cell or selected cells w/o using copy paste? C&P works, but it's harder to precisely tweak what could otherwise be dragging/snapping a cell to the timing grid.

As you probably know, each bar below the time line represents an effect. As you say, you can select one or more effects and copy them to the clipboard and then click somewhere else on the timeline and paste them. You can either use the buttons on the toolbar or you can use Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.

You can also move effects using the "nudge" buttons. There are 4 nudge buttons. They all have an hour glass on them because they affect the time the effects start and end. The 4 buttons are, nudge left, nudge right, nudge length left, and nudge length right.
For example, select one or more effects then click on the "Nudge Left" button and all of the effects will move .05 seconds to the left. Note that if you press the Ctrl key while clicking on a nudge button it will move .25 seconds.
Next to the nudge buttons are two buttons, move effects up, and move effects down. With these you can change the layer the effects are on. Note that moving an effect up or down does not affect the way the effect is played. It is merely an organizational thing, it allows you to arrange your affects however looks best to you.
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Actually fail me.. I didn't realize there where 2 different sequencing programs, Superstar and the regular, so I posted in this section. I'm using the regular Sequence Editor.

Thanks again!

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