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I just listened to from the garage.

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Wow, I happened to look out the front window about 10 minutes ago and saw a truck out in the middle of the circle just sitting there watching. So I decided to sneak into the garage and listen for a few minutes and peer out the little garage door window completely un-noticed by them.

I was delighted (to say the least) to hear wild giggling of a little girl and her daddy talking to her about the light show. First thing I heard was from him saying, "ohh, the big tree is spinning again". More giggling from her.

Then a big part of the song kicks in and the 16 candy canes start dancing to the piano part, then the 22 mini trees light up and they both go, "Ohhhhhhh, wow!!!." More giggling. Then he says, " Oh look at the stars on the roof, oh there are lights on the roof too!" They went on and on and on....

lol, been wondering if this whole year was worth all of the pain and trouble and of course money.

I can now honestly say... Yes.

Thanks to Carson who sparked this crazy idea. Thanks to Dan and all the LOR guys/gals for creating a means for it to happen and thanks to this board and everyone on it

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i came home to find the local post and times photographer in the front yard with a video camera. the paper is going to do a big 5 page spread on area lights, and they apparently are going to direct people to thier website to appreciate the animated lights version. and yes, it's been worth the time and effort, and yes, thanks to Dan, Don and all who take the time to post thier assistance, problem solved, and ideas, as they were a great help.

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