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Issues with Scheduler

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I am having problems with the Show Scheduler. I use some X10s to control my static displays. I have created a sequence call "X10 - on" and another called "X10 - off" I use basicly the same thing in my "PreLights" sh0w. The sequences are 1 min long and have the X10 modules either on or off depending on the sequence for the entire length.

I place the On sequences in the Background for the Show Editor and my song sequences in the Musical area, Than in the Shutdown i place the Off sequence. This worked for me in years past. Now when the show is over everything shuts down fine, but than the X10 click back on for a min or two and than shut off. I have double checked my sequences to ensure nothing out of place and have even deleted my shows and schedule .lss files and have recreated them. but same thing still happens.

*** edit *** I am using version 1.6.1 with XP. new USB485B (booster) set on Comm 4. X10 CM11A with new batteries set on Comm 1.

Any thoughts as to why an extra X10 commands at the end of a show?

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