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Controller problem

Roger N

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I have 8 controllers, 4 of which I have had and are working fine. They have firmware 4.4. I bought 2 other "older controllers off Ebay which are only able to be upgraded to 4.3 and 2 brand new Gen 3 controllers. I put everything together and only my original 4 will work no matter how I hook them up. All work fine on the hardware utility and are set to the proper unit number. I am running them from a PC and have the latest S3 update but no matter how I set them up the "newest 4" will not work in the network. I went ahead and "reset the oldest 2 and still nothing. I have rotated all the cables and can get all the controllers to have a steady light (which is supposed to mean it is getting the input from the computer) but they will not play in the sequence.

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