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The Leg Lamp.... for outside....


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So I've found it's more fun to create my own displays rather then buying the pre-manufactured stuff lately... that and I don't want to drop $300 on a real leg lamp because I'm cheap, so I decided this year to make my own. Most of these materials I had lying around, so in all it only cost me about $20 to make this, but if you had to buy everything to do the same thing I'd guess it's under $70.

2"x4"x8' - x2 (about $4)
2'x4' - 1/4 inch panel (about $5)
2'x4' - 1/2 inch panel (about $5)
1"x2"x8' - 2 - ($4)
100 string mini lights ($3)
24"x48" acrylic panel ($15)
Yellow can of spray paint ($2)
Tan can of spray paint ($2)
Black paint marker ($2)
Brown paint marker ($2)
Screws ($5)

I took my 1/4 inch panel and traced out a silhouette of the Leg Lamp... this is obviously the tricky part, but I have a projector I hooked up to my computer and displayed an image of the lamp, traced it, and voila. Though I think it could be done by hand pretty easily as well. Using a jigsaw I cut out the silhouette. Then on the acrylic I traced the lines for the lamp shade (including the fringe that hangs from the bottom of the "skirt") and the shoe and pedestal.

I did make a mistake and painted the front that is exposed to the weather though, I should have painted the back so it's protected (I'm in Northern Indiana, so weather is a major issue). By doing it this way you can glue the acrylic to the 2x4 panel (screws tend to break it) then just mask off a couple areas and spray the colors accordingly.

To mount the leg I basically built a shadow box with and sandwiched the leg between two 1x2's and painted the entire box black. After painting the box I put the leg in place, then added two more 1x2's behind it, the first picture shows this a little better since they weren't painted but the box itself was. To mount it I have it on a 4x4 with a post stake into the ground, this is optional and will run another $20 easily.

Here's a few pics... most people so far that I've talked to, when they see it from the street, they think it's the actual lamp you can buy online.


I hadn't cleaned up my cords when I took the pic, but you all deal with these too.

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Here's a leg lamp for ya. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it bigger and better :). For the full night time effect with animation you can check out the following link.
We're full steam ahead trying to get ready for this year...the leg lamp may have suffered a fatal blow in transport to our storage unit though :(
Geesh, I love that movie.....

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