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Major problems HELP


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On the computer program it is showing the show upside down. Also the LED is totally messed up distorted attach is a video I need help this is on a comercial building of mine and we where set to start shows on ThanksGiving.. lol

We are bought this cheap program to start before I started to buy the more expensive ones and we are having problems
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First of all, thanks for posting a video showing the problem, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say.

On a horizontal matrix such as yours the SuperStar Sequencer does require that you put CCR 1 on the bottom and the they should go in order with the last CCR being at the top. If your CCR 1 is on the top, then that would explain why everything is upside down.

As for everything being jumbled,
In the hardware utility there is a “Cosmic Color Ribbon Configuration” screen, be sure to use the following settings:
• Unit ID Mode – Normal (single ID)
• Channel Mode – Triples (RGB, RGB …)
• Standalone Speed – does not matter
• Resolution – 50 Pixels
• Strips – 1
• DMX Mode – Both Macro and RGB Channels

In particular, if Unit ID Mode were set to Legacy I would expect things to be jumbled similar to how things are in your video. However, if you check the configuration of each controller and they are already set as outlined above let me know.

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