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sequences all out of wack


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Ok this is weard. Started the show last night for the first time this year. Played three songs then lights on some channels stayed on for the rest of that song and through the next song. Also timming was off...way off.

I rebooted the computer reopened Lors hardware utility. It said that, com 5 needed to be changed. After moving the usb to 3 another locations it found the ELL. Started the show again, played about 7 song then started doing it again.

This morning opened the hardware utility, went to refresh and found all 5 contrillers.

Win xp
LOR ver. 2.9.4

I also have 2 sets of ELLs.

Any idea? %7Boption%7D

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SnappyTom wrote:

Will Do. I used one set of them last year and it worked great.
Is the sticky channels on the ELL's.

Are you doing very very fast timings? ELL's may not keep up with fast timings.

Good idea is if you can run a Cat5 to temporarily bypass the ELL and check if the problem goes away.
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Eliminated one of the ELLs and all is running fine. Not sure if one of them is bad or having them set up to close and interfering with one another.

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