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I'm just getting started. I got some free sequences from a user on here but can't get them to a place where I can create a show. The instructions aren't clear to me . HELP!!!

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Did you load the light-o-rama software using the defaults?

If you did; put the sequences into the light-o-rama - sequences subdirectory, and the song audio into the light-o-rama - audio subdirectory.

start the sequence editor and in the existing sequence tab pict the sequence you want to open

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I have the same problem:( Don't understand all the different file formats, .lms, .las, .lav ...etc. The LOR samples end in .lav but the sequences I have end in .lms and they don't show up in the Show Editor. Can't find any in help on this in the Help section:shock:
any suggestions.... thanks

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Step 1:
Create your own channel layout, by configuring your LOR's ID number, and deciding what's going to be plugged into each channel. Create this configuration in the sequence editor. (ie LOR Unit 1 Channel 1 goes to the gutter lights on right side of house. LOR Unit 1 Channel 2 goes to the gutter lights on the left side of the house, etc...)

Step 2
Test the config and communication you just created in step one with a few lights attached to the controller.

Step 3
Save your test sequence you have been working on (Save early save often). And also export your channel config. There is an option to do so from the menu at the top.

Step 4
Open a sequence your friend gave you, and then import your configuration from step 3.

Step 5 save this as something else such as songname_yourname

Step 6
Now clean up the sequence by selecting every spot, then right clicking and choosing delete. I know this sounds wrong, but what you end up with is a clean slate but with the correct timings. Don't forget to save.

Step 7
Now reopen the friends sequence and see if maybe he has a right roof as well. If so find that line in the sequence place the curser on the first square and while holding down the shift key press the end key. That will select that entire row. Now press the CTRL key and while holding it press the letter "C" (That will copy what you just selected into memory)

Step 8
Now choose the tab at the top for your sequence, or minimize your friends and maximize yours.

Step 9
Now find in your sequence the item (or an item that is close) to the one you just selected. Go to it's first square and then press and hold the CTRL key again and this time press the "V" key to paste in from the other sequence.

Step 10
Rinse and Repeat for everything.


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.lms is a music sequence, .las is an animated sequence (no music).

The other extensions are for a compressed file, the visualizer that kind of thing.

lms and las are the only 2 file extensions that you can edit, so they are the only ones that show up when you try to open a file with the sequence editor

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