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My Hanukkah Display


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Yes, you read that correctly, Hanukkah. I am aware it's a little untraditional. After a talk with my Rabbi I got the OK that it's Kosher. I am aware of one other Jewish LOR forum member, if anyone else has done a Hanukkah display please let me know.

It's my first year with LOR, my 2nd with lights in general. This year I am at 3000 Lights and 16 channels. I have 2 songs that I sequenced and 3 others that are modified from ones I found here on the forums and other sites. A huge thank you to all the forum members who post here. Without your collective knowledge I would have never gotten this done. From making my own SPT-2 power cords to Sequencing 101 it has been an adventure. As I get more of my show videos edited I will post them here.

First up we have the Monday Night Football Theme, It's my first sequence ever. I read on the forums to pick something with a strong beat and short. I would have to say that's great advice.

if anyone would like it just post here and I will e-mail it out.


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I also have a Hanukkah display and have the same bear as you! I am Christian, and do a Christmas display as well, but also run Hanukkah songs for my neighbors. Here are my last year videos:

Other videos here: facebook.com/stallionlights

Do you only run the display during Hanukkah? Hanukkah is pretty late this year...

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Good to see our fellow Jews representing! :P I also pre-checked with my Rabbi and he also gave the thumbs up, I mean, it is the celebration of light, and what better way to do so then to have a great show!

I am planning for next year as i am making a animated snow man with talking face and just didn't have the time nor the additional controller to do so this year.

I have already spoke with the Manager for The Maccabeats and was given the thumbs up for permission to use their song and sqeuence the face to sing as I did so in the halloween shows. I already have completed the sequence for the mouth movements and part of the song itself.

But good to see us out :D

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So that makes 3 of us that are looking at sequencing that song. Is there any good way to collaborate on sequencing?

The wind here hit 40mph last night, at first we just deflated the bear and put bricks on him, when we the guts kicked up I shut down the whole show for the night and dragged the bear inside.

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