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UPS is killing me...


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My controller and starter left the Ohio main hub Thursday morning at 4:30am. I know it is at my local UPS hub even though it hasn't showed as location scan yet. It's just sitting there. I called yesterday and the grumpy lady who answered said they weren't unloading any of the trucks until Monday... ;)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday AFTERNOON!
I think I'm going to call and ask if they can put it aside and I'll pick it up Monday morning.. :/

Sooo if anyone knows someone who works at the Celina UPS hub and wants to make a quick 5 bucks to unload a truck before Monday... :)

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LORi P wrote:

l0chte wrote:
.... wants to make a quick 5 bucks... ;)

That would really entice me to go in to work on my day off. :)

Someone is working today.. They are doing Saturday deliveries and air sorting.. :(
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