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Unit Not Recognized


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I added two new controllers this year to the two I already had. I set up the controllers and linked them together. Units 1 and 2 work fine, unit 3 does not. It is being recognized, but does not do any output. When I turn everything on, I get the solid light.
I reset the controller unit ID a few times to 3, but this did not help. I then decided to change it to 1, this worked. I then changed it to 2, that worked. Changed it to 3 and nothing!! I changed controllers and the same thing. Unit 3 is not reading. I changed the controllers around and still unit 3 does not work, no matter which controller I set to unit 3. Linked or separately, unit 3 is not outputting.

To add more to it, I ran a test of all 4 last night together, they worked!

Any ideas on what is going on and how to try and fix it?

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