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Channel Configuration...Easier Way?

David Barnett

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Ok, I'm changing my setup somewhat for the Christmas 2011 layout.

Of course, as I drag around my channels to the new locations, The original Unit ID and Channel numbers follow.

So, I'm guessing I have to go into the config tool, and change to the new settings? PIA.

Has anyone ever suggested; the option to reset the UNit ID and Channel number in sequnce again? That would make things easier i believe.

Example, I had all my Icicle light Left,Mid,Rt together. So Unit 01, Ch 1,2,3.

Due to my new layout, Left Ice is now Unit 01, Ch 13 instead. Many changes to UNit ID and Channels.

Since you have moved your channels to those controllers, wouldn't it be easier to reset the Channel numbers sequencialy?

So now after moving your stuff, you hit reset and it will adjsut the controllers and channels sequencialy IE

Unit ID 01...Channels 1-16 in order. Now you have everything reset for your new layout.

At least I would think, if you moved your channels to that location form the previous...you want them located at that new Controller and Channel.

Thouhgts, Ideas appreciated. If this hasn't been submitted, I'll send it to the wishlist thingy.


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Are you using a master track?
Its one way to avoid the change nightmare. This track should be the first, contain all of your channels and you never change the positions of them. You can add new channels at the end.

Using a master track, moving your channels in the other tracks and changing unit ids really only needs to be done once. Then export then import into each sequence.

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