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Need Help, Suggestions on Grouping Snowflakes

David Barnett

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Hey folks, Hope everyone had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.

OK, I'm looking for some ideas. I have 4 5ft sized snowflakes this year; with 4ch RGBW on each.

However, due to the layout of my home; the snowflakes will be on different controllers.

I understand groups somewhat, I'm just not sure how to apply it to the flakes.

I'm thinking I'll be mostly doing color change type stuff, as opposed to blinking on beat type stuff.

So, would it be better to arrange and group by color?

Since, they are all on different controllers, once setup...do I do the click and drag, to group all the snowflake stuff together for easier sequencing?

I'm probably making this harder than I need too, but I just can't seem to get a handle on the best way to set up my snowflakes.

I relaize, is a preference thing....I just need some ideas..so I can get that AHA moment..and get this done.:D

Need a BOB Video. :D

Seriously, any ideas greatly appreciated...I am just stumpped right now.


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