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Okay, so I left the house this morning worrying that tonight might fall through since I wasn't going to be home for the first night on my first animated year. But, when I came home (over half way through the show) it was running just like it should! Thanks LOR!!! I was thrilled.

I was outside making a few videos and a car pulled up and turned out their lights and watched for a bit. The driver steps out of the car and says "Your house looks awesome!" That made my day. :) They then told me that their mom told them that they "had to see the house". For my first year, this made me very excited. Word is starting to spread on the first night.

I did have a few issues this morning though. I realized yesterday that my station I chose was an actual station. I couldn't pick it up in my car, but in my wife's car, you could hear the station plain as day. So I had to change the sign and station this morning before heading out.

How was your first night? Any hiccups? Everything go as planned?

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Last night was my first year with L-O-R as well. Yesterday morning I went outside with my coffee and began the final parts of set-up only to find a whole bunch of "minor" setbacks. Man, those things add up. I ran out of the male ends of the "vampire plugs", ran out of SPT cable, had to re-run speaker wire...the list goes on and on.... By 7PM (I had to wait until after everyone in the family finished dinner) the show started and it was very nice. One neighbour from across the street asked me to get him when it started, then the family two houses from him came out and watched it. A couple from the block was walking their dogs. She said "How pretty", and he said "That's awesome dude". So far the set backs were worth it, although I need to change out 8 mini trees. I just don't like the way they look.

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