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Xenon Strobe Issue


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Sorry to bother everyone on this as I know everyone is busy.

I am puzzled ... It was my understanding that the Xenon strobe lights will flash randomly. I have 30 of them from CDI and it appears that the first 4 - 5 flashes are all together before they randomize.

Any way to resolve this !?



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If these are the LED strobes, then yes they do start out together and then will randomize in a few seconds.

I use a "pre-charge" of approx. 15% for 2 to 3 seconds before I want to fire them and that helps but they still start out together (for the LED strobes only).

The true Xenon curtain strobes don't seem to do that for me but mine are 3 years old as well. Maybe the newer ones are made different and will start out somewhat together.

As Ken said you can try to do a pre-charge on them as well and see how it affects them. You will have to experiment with the charge % and see what works without making them fire off too soon.

Or you can make up different strings of them and have a few on each string and then fire the strings at different times to make a much more pronounced and random firing pattern for them. I have 4 different strings in my mega tree that are a combination of LED (white and colored) and regular curtain strobes. That way I can fire them off at different intervals and get a very randomized lighting efffect if I want.


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From what I understand ... you can't pre-charge Xenon bulbs because it will damage them.


Someone suggested turning them on at 100% for 0.1 sec ( in a sense pre-charging them ) about a sec before you want them to fire.

Anyone try this !?


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