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I can't seem to burn my sequences on to a disk to take to my show computer downstairs.I sequenced them using a 3g with windows xp and my show computer is an old 400mz with windows 98. Every time I try to open the burned cd I get a read only application. The downstairs computer is not on line. I even tried a thumb drive but I don't have the proper drivers on the old computer. Any ideas would be appreciated as I will run out of clean cds soon.


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Hi Craig,

When making CD's remember all files attributs are set to read only. After you move your files from the CD to your 98 computer, you need to change the properties on the files. Right click on the file and select properties and uncheck the read-only box.

Option 2. - Zip the files first then burn to CD and then extract to 98 computer.

I hope this helps you out.

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