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Thank you so much to everyone on the this forum for all your help.

Nov 1st I decided that I wanted to do this this year. Starting from scratch. I ordered the complete 16 channel PC kit and Basic Plus software. It came in today.

Downloaded the software and license and started sequncing like crazy. In the mean while I built 2- 7' 4 color Webers, 6 two color mini trees and 2 5 channel sleeved arches.

Tonight after getting all the prep work done for Dinner tomorrow done... I sat down with the laptop and controller and ran thru all the steps.. the out to the front porch and plugged everything in.. :D IT All worked.

I ran a few songs from the Sequncer thru the controller and it looks real good.

Now,, when does that next controller get here?

Thanks again for all the advice.

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