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Visualizer lag: I have read the thread about image/project size and the visualizer runs better with a smaller picture (1000x400). There is a lot more lag with a larger picture (2000x800), but what is strange is that even with a larger picture my CPU is only running about 15% and RAM is 30% so it would seem my PC can handle the larger picture and my PC itself does not appear to be the bottleneck. I have a i7 950 which is 4 dual threaded cores, so 8 "virtual cores", and the visualizer only seems to use one thread out of each core and is not using even close to all of each thread it is using.

I have been doing work with the larger background and then just making it smaller when I run it, but it would be nice to be able to run the simulation full screen.

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Sorry, but smaller is better.

The problem isn't your CPU, number of cores or memory. The problem is the way Window's itself handles updating video memory. It can only pump so much data so fast, and we are at it's mercy.

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