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I'll make this short since I know we are all very busy. Ran the final test of one of my displays tonight and the Belkin modified transmitter I've been using isn't powerful enough to combat the person that has decide to play a music on the same frequency. Tried other frequencies but not having much success.

My question other then getting an EDM transmitter(which I use for my other display) which won't be here in time for the lighting ceremony Saturday are there other options available? Anything that can be pick up in a local store?

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Trying to overpower someone on the same freq (assuming it is a hobbyist..not a commercial station) is likely not going to be the answer.

what kind of antenna are you using? Its worth looking at your setup and seeing what you can do to improve things within your desired area of coverage.

If you have no other options, your best to work towards finding a cleaner freq...or, see if you can track down the person using the freq and work something out...he is quiet during your show hours, etc.

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