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My wife recently had a minor relapse with her MS so it has thrown my orginal plans out the window, i would however still like to do a smaller display. As the whole lor was her idea (although i get to do all the work) I have 5 mini trees made with W, G, and R colors, and i have enough lights and a small star to do a 8ft mega tree.

I am going to place the display facing the road, the 5 mini trees can sit on the wall ledge while the tree will go behind. However the area i intend to put the tree is only 4ft deep by 8ft wide. I am considering doing a 180 degree mega but have not committed just yet any feedback would be appreciated.

I have started to put up static parts of the display and will leave the LOR elements to last.

Attached files 283590=15739-IMG_1365.JPG

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I think what you have planned sounds great and your wife will love it. A lot of people do 180 mega trees and they look nice. Make sure you post pictures once you're done.

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