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Potential For Condensation

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the automated light craze (my first year) and am finishing up on my late minute assemby. I got a very late start and have been up late trying to get stuff done. I think I have really been bit by the bug.

Anyway, I am putting my controllers in some inexpensive plastic household containers. I will be routing the extension and power cords through groumets mounted in the sides and connecting the cords directly to the terminal strips. The package should be relative water resistant.

My question is - would one expect to see condensation inside the box if it is sealed to tightly? Should I put some vents in the box to allow it to breath? If so, does anyone have any specific vent devices or methods to suggest? Maybe a plastic hole plug drilled with holes? Something to divert any runoff water away from the vent hole?

Does ayone coat their boards with conformal coating?

A BIG THANKS to Dan at LOR for his help is resolving some problems. I am sure that he is working around the clock supporting everyone during this busy time.

Two problems I had are:

1. a bad RS485 driver IC that was preventing one board from working. It would sync with the PC (LED would go solid) but the board could not be found by the REFRESH command in the Hardware Utility. That was a strange one.

2. Make sure you use the latest version of hardware utility that is posted on the LOR web site. I was having a "problem" where the REFRESH command would see all of the controllers, I could control lights, but the boards would be tagged as DEVICE UNKNOWN??? by the Hardware Utility. The latest Hardware Utility fixed that.


Thanks in advance,


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One thing I did is put a garbage bag over my boxes, even though they are water resistant, I don't wanna take chances. Depending on how big your box is in ratio to the controller, depends on ventilation. And if it's outside which it sounds like they will be.

P.S. Please fill in profile so we know where your from, and maybe others that are closer to you can help you more. Thanks

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Thanks for the input, sounds like a good redundancy system. I filled in my profile. I had been so busy working on stuff and resolving problems that I just had not taken the time yet. Poor excuse considering all of the great help that people offer.

I built a couple more small green trees tonight and got the power source fixed up. Here is how I did it.

I ran 3 20 amp circuits to junction boxes mounted to the floor joist beside my basement window. I made a plastic replacement window and installed gromets for the 10 ga extension cord that will run to the three controllers. Yes, my pack rat days finally paid off. That is how I got about 200' of 10-3 cable for free. I'll also run the CAT-5 cable through this same window. When I install the system, I'll just install the replacement window, run the 10 ga. and CAT-5 through the gromets, and hook up the 10 ga to the Romex in the j-box. That is a LOT cheaper than buying 20/30 amp plugs and receptables.

It's been a long day so I am about ready to hit the sack. Tomorrow, I play on working on the 20' tree and actually getting the controllers located outside.

Thanks again,


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