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Not a good test night last night-can you degroup CCR's?

steve synek

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I fired up a test run with terrible results. Lights are on auto pilot.........random off and on like they're being run by another sequence. As soon as I connect to the usb port, different controllers are operating the light but no sequence or show is running. I will be going out to do a reset on all the controllers now. When I try and stop the sequence in the editor, it stopped responding. I had to close the program to regain control.

I changed from a single network to four this year. My ribbons are not responding well.

I was only using one sequence that I ran through the verifier.

Does it matter if you degroup and regroup ribbons in the editor? Sometimes there is a message, can't degroup. Other times no message. And of course I degrouped a bunch before I got a message denying me the ability to degroup. Have I screwed something up by degrouping? When I place the mouse over the group, some are identified as CCR's, some just say group.

I am off to run a test of each separate network now and of course it's raining out today.

Getting very nervous.

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You should be able to degroup a CCR. What does the error message say, exactly, word for word?

As for the lights acting strangely, perhaps you have more than one channel attempting to control the same network/unit/circuit? I suggest making a simple test show containing that sequence, and only that sequence, scheduling it (and removing other shows from the schedule, if feasible), and then running the Verifier.

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Thanks Bob

I took a deep breath and went back to work on the lights after a good nights sleep. Of course I had quite a few errors.

I had one bad network cable. The verifier found numerous errors. I think one of my ribbon controller is having issues, but I am still testing to be sure.

One of the biggest shocks was that I tried to test areas of the yard using my laptop. I thought I was changing entire controllers in the channel configuration list to the regular network so that I didn't have to keep changing adapters. I can't go back and document what I did, but it seems that since I use tracks with colors, I may have been in a colored track when I choose to change network settings. I know I only changed the network settings in the configuration list using the change controller button and changing entire controllers. I had at least 4 ribbons, with every third channel had changed networks. Not every consecutive channel changed like I expected. I never expected this situation, so I didn't find it till the very end of the day while trying to figure out what was so different with my programming from last year when it ran so smooth. I went so far as to delete all but two ribbons out of my sequence to see how it would run. It ran bad and that's when I saw the different network settings.

I played with the sequence editor to degroup CCRs and could not get the message I previously mentioned about being denied permission. But I swear I was getting the message on occasion. My degrouped CCR's are operating!!!


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