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The worth in the end!

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Ok, I (like many of you) started working on my display in January of this year. Programming, building, testing, assembling, fixing, adjusting, etc etc etc... Now I know I put in a lot of work this year, and my wife has been telling people she is a christmas light widow, so that confirms it. However, the show is up and running, and I looked out there last night, and despite having a foot of snow on the ground, and very bad roads, there was a truck sitting out there watching the show. I look out tonight and see several cars sitting there just before the show begins, and staying through the two songs. I have even walked outside and turned my radio on and sat there and watched it also. But the worth in the end has been people getting out of their vehicles to come talk to me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. They must be telling the truth, cause each night we get more cars coming by to see the show, so word is getting out. I have done no advertising for the shows, but they come more and more each night.

That really makes all the hours I spent working on this worth while!! I really love this season!!

Merry Christmas all.

Chris :waycool:

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The first night I turned it on it was only the neighbors and maybe two cars. The next night maybe 6 cars. Last night was the busiest ever, with a nonstop viewing for almost two hours. Even tonight after a blizzard snowfall of over a foot earlier today, I saw a few cars. I agree it's great when people roll down the window and say how much they enjoy it.

Like they say, if you build it, they will come.


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I agree. It makes all the hard work and all the money spent well worth it to have just one stranger say they enjoyed the show. Of course, I love Christmas lights and would do it even if no one showed up to see it. But, it does make it nice to have a steady stream of cars parked out in front of the house watching the show each night. We even had someone in our small town email us from our website saying she came by the house and watched the show tonight with her little daughter and they loved it. She thanked us for giving them a piece of Christmas to enjoy. I was totally stunned. I thought that was very nice and it really made our day.


Marty Reese


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