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25,000 Angry Christmas Lights


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jstorms wrote:

Angry Birds done to Christmas Lights!

Video ->


Just saw the all too short clip on Good Morning America. Way to go jstorms!
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Boothman wrote:

Can you tell me what you used for your white and blue snow flakes?  Are they LED based?

Phillips 17" & 42" LED Snowflakes from Target. Bought them last year for 30% off and they are back this year.

Here is a closer look:

17" are LED rope, the 42" are LED strings and more flimsy.
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Thanks John, I see them on Target's web site. This is my first year with LOR controllers, I have 12 incandescent rope snowflakes - not very bright. Wife will crucify me if I get these. Well, maybe I'll just stop by and look them over tomorrow :P

Thanks for sharing the videos. Looks like they dim without issue, right?

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