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I guess I am thinking of something along the lines of a LOR controlled "Light Bright".

This would include just the low level logic in either a set number of processors or modular allowing people to "build" their display in the house and run it in real time via 485 using LEDs.

I know I spent months with controllers and strings of 100 bulbs laying on the floor while I did my sequencing. It would be nice to have a development system for year around use.

I know some of you will say the animation window is ample. I am just looking for a little more. Plus, all my lights are outside now and doing more sequencing in real time would be a bonus right now.

Any others have ideas for this?

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Well, I can see this in my mind (as cluttered as it is right now). I am guessing it could be tied into the animation screen somehow so that when you program your animation, it would follow the same pattern. Otherwise, I would see that as a problem getting it to look like your display.

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I guess you guys are on the right track!

This would just be a low voltage LOR board no 110vac outputs. It would connect to your computer and address the same way as a standard LOR. Since the board would be low voltage it could be much smaller possibly with multiple LOR processors, I was thinking each board would equal eight 16 channel controllers (128 channels).

The LEDs would have pig tails with both a male and female connector. one pig tail would connect to the LOR output and the other would connect to the next LED as this would allow you to set up your roof lighting. Individual LEDs with the same type pig tails would be used as 1 channel of your mega tree or 1 star and so on, you would just not connect another LED to the remaining pig tail.

These LEDs would panel mount into a 1/8" or so hole (snap in) like a peg in a light bright. This array of holes would be much like the animation window.

Something like this would be much easier than setting up your whole show in the basement or garage and best of all it would be in real time.

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