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Good luck finding someone wanting to part with a working transmitter. Even when most folks upgrade they keep their current one as a backup; myself included. I have an older FM20 Ramsey and never felt comfortable having only one.

I just ordered a EDM-LCD-RDS-P from http:/www.edmdesign.com without an enclosure (they are out of stock on ones with one)

They promptly replied to my emails and noted that I can get just the enclose at a later date if I choose to. If not having an enclosure doesn't bother you I'd say check them out as a lot of folks around here swear by them. I went with an EDM based on a lot of good feedback/reviews on them.


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I recently bought the FM transmitter from www.wholehousefmtransmitter.com

It sits in my front window and works perfectly to the end of my street.

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