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Hi all!! For the past 3 seasons, I have been running all my shows together. How can I put a 5 minute pause or a recording between shows?


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You can do it one of two ways:

#1. Create an Animation Sequence (no music) and set the time for 5 minutes and then just fill in the blocks of the lights you want on during this pause.

#2. You can create a silent MP3 file using a music editor, just create a new MP3 by telling it to add a silence and tell it the duration. Or you can take several MP3 files that may be 1 minute or less and, again, using a music editor, compile each song together (append second song to end of first and keep appending 'til you have the length you want). Then create a Musical sequence using this compiled medley of music and again, fill in the blocks of the lights/decor you want to be on (static) for the duration.

This is what I've done for when I officially start my show on Thanksgiving night, I have a 10 minute medly I will use to turn almost everything on for someone to take photo's of the display, some elements won't be turned on.

I just place this sequence after the last song in my sequence, show runs for it's duration (about 40 minutes), 10 minutes of lights on with background medley music, then show starts up again and runs this way from 5:30pm-10pm Sun-Thu, until 11pm Fri/Sat.

Hope this helps.

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