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Superstar Tip For Those With Multiple Networks For CCRs


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I have 12 CCRs in a vertical strand tree. I have a regular network for normal channels and have split up my 12 CCRs into four networks with three on each one (Aux A, Aux B, Aux C, Aux D).

Since Superstar doesnt let you select all the auxilary networks and is also limited to using four networks, I found a helpful hint to use when exporting to get things to align properly.

What I did was create a new sequence with the default single track and added my 12 CCRs as devices along with their correct unit IDs and Aux networks. Then I exported the channel configuration for just this CCR empty sequence. Then when I do an export from superstar, I simply just open up the exported sequence into LOR sequence editor, import the CCR channel configuration and save the file and all my CCRs are now lined up properly on the correct networks... A lot simpler then changing the controllers of the exported sequence each time.

This works good for me as I have figured out its easier to do pretty much all the programming of the CCRs in Superstar and then I can easily play the exported sequence on its own with the music to actually see how the ribbons perform on the real tree as I have already seen some differences that the visualizer or the superstar tree representation does not reflect.

Ideally I plan on just using a sub sequence in my master sequence for each song but I have to do more testing of that and see how everything works but regardless with everything all configured, it makes it easier to standalone test the CCR tree and then either copy and paste the sequence into the CCR channels or paint the sequence if the subsequences dont work quite right...

Hope it helps someone...

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