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Was finishing up the LED's on my Flowering Pear tree in the front yard, and this couple with two big dogs walked by, and he remarks:
"Ya Gotta Really Want It!"
To which I replied;
"The laughter and smiles of a child make it all worth while".
they just kept walking.

I have watched and studied people for my entire life, and after 55 years I am no longer surprised at their reactions - or as in this case - their lack of...

For the record - next to my Salvation and the Love from my Wife - the laughter of a child is one of the greatest gifts a man can be blessed to receive.

Happy Trails

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I have received a number of comments this year. They range from "when you're done could you come do my house" to "Isn't it a bit early for putting up Christmas lights". I have found that most women make a comment about their husbands should be doing this and most men comment about it being too early for Christmas lights. I tend to tell people I'd start later if I weren't so slow.

I agree that kids really "light up" when they see the display. I've had about 20 kids walk by and tell me how much they like the tree and the lights aren't even on yet.

Looking forward to visiting and seeing your display this year.:cool:

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Well, I can't quite make it a 3 for three posting from the Tri-cities WA, but I grew up in Richland, and I attended WSU for a while before moving to Texas.

Can you two PM me your show info? My mother is currently living there dealing with some family business, and likely will be through the holidays. I would like to let her know where to find some displays to watch.

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My neighbors never said a word while I was up on the roof, or the ladder hanging lights on the trees.
But when I did my first full test, they were amazed and let me know what a great job I did.
When I told them that the lights were syncd to music, they didn't believe me.
I had the radio in the garage just loud enough for me to hear it as I watched. Since I had the remote in my pocket, I turned it up a little bit.

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