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Newbie ready for first show!

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Well - after a long day and a half of circuits being thrown and rain wreaking havoc as it turned to ice - I;ve finally been able to run through my show for the first time! Just in time to launch tomorrow night. Outside of a couple fo inline fuses that blew out with the rain last night all looks fantastic.

I wanted to thank all the folks who love a Griswald style Christmas as much as I do - I've dreamed about this light show my entire life (corny as it sounds) - and with the help of a all here I wa able to learn enough to pull it off in just under 2 months from start to finish. I only have 16 channels this year - but I;m impressed with myself on what I've acopmlished with just 16.... already planing my mega tree for next year :)

In any case... thanks to al who have offered advice, tips and tricks - thanks to you my front yard is the talk of the town!

- Darren 'Gus' Vader
- Aubrey, TX

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