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Well using incandescent strobes for the first year. I have three strings made up for 2 trees in front of house and one for down the pole of my mega tree. I have heard of a few people mentioning the possibility of water getting into these..... are there any measures which need to be taken to prevent that?

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I can only speak about the strobes from CLS. Their strobes are water-tight (they are submerge tested), but not completely water vapor tight. So what that means is water (rain, snow) will not get in, but since they aren't entirely air-tight, air will get in (or already in to begin with). There is humidity in the air, so sometimes the humidity will condense and turn to water (kinda think of it like a mini-greenhouse). That is why it is recommended to have weep holes in the lens cover in order to let the water out. Weep hole should be place on the part of the strobe that will hang the lowest (since gravity will take the water to that part). So it is nearly impossible to prevent the water inside the strobe, but easy to let the water out.

My only strobes that I have seen water in was one that I figured out I somehow missed putting weep holes in.

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