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First solder job EVER


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Please tell me what I can do to make this easier or tell me where i need to improve. This was my first time ever soldering a circuit board. Getting the wires in the holes to solder is not very easy to say the least. Thanks! Sorry for the poor quality. I will try and get some nicer ones tomorrow with my better camera.



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A common problem is, you're applying solder to the iron directly, not to the heated joint where you want to make the solder connection.

Allow the iron to heat the connection...the pad/component lead, and then apply solder to the junction, not the iron, letting the heat melt the solder. You'll find you'll use much less solder, no blobs, etc., and you have a solid connection.

One school of thought, which you'll find to be true most of the time, is except for when you are tinning the iron, there is never a reason for solder to touch the iron tip directly.

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also, so you know, those wires that greg sends with power blender (or the holes for them in the circuit board, are quite tight indeed! I struggled for a long time on my two connections. so much so, that when i did the cord ends on the extreme flood itself, i was hesitant. (however, on the flood, the wires fit perfectly.

i actually had to muck around with the 4 conductor connectors on the power blender to "make" them fit...

as for your other other connections, be sure you are using the correct temp soldering iron, allow the part and "pad" to heat up briefly, then apply your electronics solder! it should flow smoothly and easily. if it doesnt, its not hot enough.

as someone mentioned in the DIY section, get some small boards and parts from radio shack, and "practice" on those. it will make your overall experience much MUCH better.

almost forgot... get one of these, or something like it... reduce eye strain and fatigue, not to mention prevents solder bridges and bad joints... http://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi927.html

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