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Hello from Germany


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Hi there,

I am Toby from Germany, I am 38 Years old. In the past, I work some with AVR Controlers. There are some Vid named "NightGraphiX" It s an RC Helicopter Night Fly System with 48 LEDs each Rotor Blade.

Last Week I see the Holdman Show on YouTube, and now I am infected.

I want to buy an soldering Kit with 32 chanels first. I read, 220 Volts are no Problem.

Can anybody tell me, if the solder kits are avaible and how much does they cost?

What else do I need, the PC Dogle and Software, anything else?

Regards Toby

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welcome to the madness/addiction! Start buying lots of extension cords! :(

My daughter would be interested in what you do. She loves her German class in school.

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Thx for your reply.
This Week i Play a Little Bit with the lor Software. Its Great and easy!
But i am wondering, how to connect mutible 16 Canal controller.
Is it able to use One As Unit 01 (1-16) and the Second As Unit 01 (2-32)
Or Must i use unit 01 and 02 with 16 canals each?
I ASK, because i See the Goldman sequence setup.
He use Unit 01, 02, 03,... With 16 Canals each.

Is it able to use the basic Software to controll more than 2 Units when i setup more Units with a Lot of canals?

I work in a Steel Company named gmh.GmbH
My Hobby is electrics and rc Flying. Last Week i Build a clock with Nixie Tubes and Avr Controller.

Regards Toby

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today i am thinking about to go to self made lightning.

Then I think, i ll better start with lor controller and software, its the easyer way to get good display. ;-)

I want to by 2 high power kits to solder, so i have 32 chanels.

Also I want to buy the generic starter pack with basic plus licence, because i want the Automatic Beat Detection.

I ll order this week.

I the shop of my wife there are cheap Light strings with 40 minilights each.

Today I buy 14 Strings og this.

6 for our 6 windows in the 2nd floor, 8 for my little mega tree.

If I came home, I testing the mini mega tree ;-) look picture.

Do you think the lights are enought? There are 8x40 lights, each 80 lights string I take double to have more lights in one string.

Regards Toby

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Good magic and good jokes take you by delightful surprise. Your video does that. Don't know how you did it, don't want to know. But DANG I do want to see what you come up with when you get your hands on some controllers!

Dan In Spokane

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