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This is how my Christmas Display looks

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Okay, I haven't had much time, but I have managed to get two of the videos I've taken of my Animated Synchronized Lights to Music Christmas display up. Although these ARE NOT really what I'd call animated, these were ones I put together because my neighbors were all begging me to see the lights on. I have other videos that are more animated I am working on and will get them up when I can.

I have Stille Nacht, which is Silent Night sung in German and Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer currently available.

Currently I have 13 songs in the display which runs for 35 minutes, then I have a 10 minute ALL LIGHTS ON sequence that runs with a medley of Christmas Carols playing, there is an announcement at the beginning before the music plays and the lights just start fading up to full on, this is for folks that want to take still photo's of the display.

Anyway on to the video urls:

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer

Stille Nacht

Also note, since these videos were shot, I have moved a few items around and have also placed lights in my neighbors bushes, with their permission and have incorporated the entire front of our apartment building in the display. I'll be taking new videos when I can of the entire set up. But these two will give you a good idea of how things look. Enjoy the videos!

Again, not much in the way of these two being animated, the animated videos will be posted as soon as I can get the time to edit them and get a decent soundtrack laid in them.

Just giving you folks a sample of how things are set up in my very limited space {6 foot wide x 60 feet long.}

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