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Ted W

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Went to PC and am looking at downloading a couple of sequences. I notice there is no music within the program. I understand the reason. I do not understand what having a sequence that is not designed for my light set up or quantity of chanells does for me. I am sure it is obvious, but I am missing it right now?

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You might find instances when a sequence has as many mini trees as you do or the same size mega tree or something like that, where you can copy/paste the existing sequencing. Or you might use just the timing marks and fill in your own lighting commands. Or use it just to see how someone else did a particular pattern or effect.

But you're right in that no one else's work will look the same in your yard as something done for your specific display. A nice light display and a nice job of sequencing is often more about various display elements working together, rather than what any particular one can do.

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I look at others techniques to try and improve my own sequencing. And sometimes if you're in a pinch and working on a particular musical sequence, and someone has already done it, even if it doesn't have the same amount of channels you have, you can sometimes copy and paste from that sequence into yours to complete it, then go back and tweak it to your liking later.

I have downloaded a lot of sequences from all channel counts, I only have 80 channels, but I've downloaded 128, 256+ channel sequences and found an item or two that I have in my display and used those particular cells, even if an item did not match mine, I could still copy and paste cells from another part and see how well or if it would work with an element in my display. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and most often it takes a little tweaking, but not as bad as if you're working with a BLANK slate.

So there's always a good use for sequences that others share, I also make all my sequences available as well.

If interested you can download my sequences here:

Not all folders have sequences, 48 channel only Halloween, 80 channel both Christmas and Halloween have sequences for download.

I actually need to get my newer 2011 sequences uploaded, just haven't really had the time with other things I'm working on.

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