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What system to buy?


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I am new to this and very excited about the prospect of setting up my lights to music etc.

I was looking at the LOR1602W package but was told they are out of stock.

Will the following systems do this same thing?

Superstar Sequencer (version 2CCR)

Also, any hints or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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lots and lots of extension cords!!! Yes what you have will the same thing. Only real differences is the 1602 is commercial grade in a metal case and higher amperage. The PC is in a hard plastic case and recommended for residential displays.

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Read this first,


There is a backlog of orders for all the controllers, so the PC series might not be available either. One suggestion is to use the USB-RS485B, which is the booster model, it will allow you to do more things with your setup (power up items, increase the range, etc).

First thing you want to do is download the S3 software, and start sequencing, that is the time consumer. When you buy your starter package, you can then use the license code to get your sequences out of demo mode.

Like caniac said, lots and lots of extension cords (or buy the wire in bulk spools and get some vampire plugs).

BTW, welcome to the group, read all you can, and get to sequencing, you're going to need plenty of time to sequence.

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10 Controllers, no website. Please put your location in your profile, it helps during times of troubles (which happens occasionaly), Thanks,


PS: I just looked, there are Showtime kits available that require soldering, that could be another option to getting a display this year.

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