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I have it running continuously in an upstairs bedroom window independent of the LOR music / show /sequencing. I do run the VS audio down to the driveway on separate speakers because he does speak and jungle his bells occasionally, and that gets a lot of attention from the kids.

It was the single most commented on addition to the display last year...

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I also run mine continuously. No audio though.. And like Randy, got a great response to it!

I also use a CD player and simply use 'painters' plastic as a screen on the window. Daytime there is little notice the screen is there. Works great.

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This is my first year using Virtual Santa. I created a musical sequence so the audio can be heard on the yard speakers and the radio. I have lighted frames around all ten windows and the sequence will have all those at 50% intensity and his window will have shimmer to draw attention to him. Because its a sequence, I can place him in the show where ever I want him. I'll be using a video projector and a white fabric shower curtian. That setup worked well during my Halloween show.

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